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Green Chili Chicken and Rice

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Stage 1
Turn on a multi-useful pressing factor cooker (like Instant Pot®) and select Saute capacity. Add olive oil and chicken. Sprinkle with flour and cook until seared on all sides, around 5 minutes. Mood killer Saute capacity. Add green chile peppers, jalapenos, rice, tomato, onion, Anaheim chile, cheddar, salt, prepared salt, and pepper; pour in chicken stock and blend to join.

Stage 2
Close and lock the top. Select high pressing factor as per producer's guidelines; set clock for 18 minutes. Permit 10 to 15 minutes for strain to fabricate.

Stage 3
Delivery pressure cautiously utilizing the brisk delivery strategy as per producer's directions, around 5 minutes. Open and eliminate the top. Change preparing with salt and pepper.