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California Sherry Chicken

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Stage 1
Spot chicken in a resealable plastic pack with flour, salt, and pepper. Seal pack and shake to cover. Eliminate chicken from sack, shaking off overabundance flour.

Stage 2
Warmth oil in a huge skillet over medium high warmth. Earthy colored chicken on each side for around 5 minutes, or until brilliant. Eliminate from skillet and put in a safe spot.

Stage 3
In same skillet join sherry, stock, garlic and a press of lemon and heat to the point of boiling. Return chicken to skillet, lessen warmth to low and stew for 15 to 20 minutes, or until chicken is cooked through and not, at this point pink inside.

Stage 4
Meanwhile, saute carrots and zucchini in a different medium skillet until they are delicate. Add to stewing chicken and sauce and warmth through prior to serving.